Ray Mendez

If the phrase “we are defined by our experiences” holds true for anyone, it certainly holds true for Ray. As a NYC native Ray became a filmmaker and photographer while traveling the world as a professional action sports athlete. A Production Industry veteran he has taken on the role of producer and entrepreneur amongst others. His varied interests, broad range of knowledge, and frames of reference combine to create a special individual with a magical touch. Ray truly embodies the modern day Renaissance Man.

20 years of industry experience have afforded Ray an arsenal of skills that he's utilizes to realize an incredibly extensive body if work - ranging from feature films to commercials, music videos, documentaries, published photography, art curation and events. At his core Ray is a storyteller, craftsman, and networker. He is able to communicate effectively in any medium to create powerful, meaningful and engaging output – be it film, photo, events, brand activations or experiences. Ray thrives on putting a bit of the extraordinary into the everyday.


Andrey Piontkovski

A visual storyteller - he is able to tantalize the senses by creating images that evoke powerful responses. Andrey simply sees things differently. “Outside of the Box” is his point of origin. A master cinematographer, gifted editor, lighting technician, master of aerial photography and the sensibilities of a veteran Art Director make Andrey an invaluable member of the Parlour Team. His regular is spectacular and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more gifted with a camera – period.


Drew Gilbert

Multi-talented is a severe understatement for Mr. Gilbert. Simply put Drew is a technician - a veritable "Surgeon of the Arts". An uber skillful Cinematographer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Production Designer, and all around Go To Utility Person. Drew is a Jack of All Trades and well… Master of Them All. Never complacent he is on a never-ending quest to gather knowledge and further his already impressive laundry list of talents. Thoughtful, introspective, and possessing an incredible amount of foresight - Drew is the most versatile member of the Parlour team.


Jerry Chu

Rarely, if ever, do the left and right sides of the brain work in concert. For Jerry however this is the norm. His very special ability to marry both creativity and logic simultaneously makes him a unique and formidable individual. Plainly there isn’t much that Jerry can’t do. 

With nearly two decades of top tier Brand & Agency experience, he has a proven track record as Creative Director & Producer that is quite unbelievable for someone of his age. Jerry personifies the marriage of “art and commerce”. He’s been everything from a skater kid on the streets of NYC to a guy in a suit on a Learjet. Having seen and done it all Mr. Chu’s expansive repertoire is unparalleled and his drive and motivation insatiable and contagious.